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Books for tattoo will open 2 weeks at a time! Piercings are walk-in only. Please request to book 48 hours in advance.
Please check your email within 24-30 hours of requesting an appointment because I will ask you further questions and have you complete the next steps in booking! If I don't get a reply within <48hours you will be subject to cancelation. If you do not pay the deposit within 48 hours of the requested time and day YOU WILL BE SUBJECT TO CANCELATION. Make sure to spell check and double check your info is correct when booking! Please know what you want, how big and where. Uncertainty will be subject to cancelation.


All clients will be given a grace period of 15 minutes to arrive to their appointment. After 15 minutes will be asked to reschedule. 

More than 1 reschedule may result in a second deposit or total.

Quotes 100 and under will require full amount prepaid via invoice.

Quotes over 100 will require half the total for a deposit. The rest will be due after the appointment.

Never send an artist you don't know or have never worked with a deposit via cash app!

All artist with Studio 219 Ink will ask for a deposit via Square and will be on our Studio219ink website.

Invoices need to be paid within 48 hours upon receiving it to secure your spot.


Reschedules have to be made day of call out and do not qualify for no call no show. (Reminds are sent prior to aproval). After no call no show you will need to request again through the calendar and another deposit will have to be made. 

Grace period of 2 weeks will be given to reschedule, otherwise you will need to request again through the calendar and another deposit will have to be made.


Once we complete the session payment for the rest of the tattoo will be required.

I will bandage your tattoo with hypoallergenic adhesive Recovery derm sheild. Keep the dermal sheild on for 24hrs then remove to start the cleaning process. I suggest using Dr. Bronners soap (no peppermint) 2-3xs a day while bandage is off for 4-6weeks. Rebandage only with derm sheilds. During the dry/scabbing period apply a non scented sensitive skin lotion 3xs a day. Do not use ointments on your fresh tattoo. 

Care with spf 30+ after tattoo is healed to ensure no color fading or bleaching.


Touch ups are free within the first 6months. Afterwards it will be the original cost of the tattoo. 

Finger/hand, foot, ear and lip tattoos do not qualify for free touchups. 

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How can I help you? Feel free to reach out anytime, I would be more than happy to chat.

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Atlanta, Fulton County 30324

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